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Thing To Consider While Traveling in Phuket

Venues for water activities

Apart from swimming, you can enjoy a range of water activities such as diving, snorkelling, yachting, jet-skiing, parasailing, windsurfing, kite surfing, wakeboarding and deep sea fishing. Popular destinations for kite surfing include Nai Yang in summer and Chalong Bay in winter. For sea canoeing, head to Phang Nga Bay where many grottoes are only accessible by canoes.

Book your excursions and activities in advance

Phuket, being a popular tourist destination, invites visitors the year round. It is advisable to book your tour and trips in advance and especially the more exclusive ones such as the John Gray Sea Canoe’s night time tour that takes you to a canoeing trip through the seaside caves and view phosphorescent sea life. The tour is much in demand and the tour operators don’t have any spots left for last minute bookings.

Go beyond shopping

While you may find shops selling genuine Thai silk scarves, chances are that most Ed Hardy and Louis Vuitton items on sale are counterfeit. While Thailand is a popular shopping destination, Phuket is not the place for shopping and so you will be better off if you save your baht for other destinations such as Bangkok.

Carry plenty of sunscreen

Even under the umbrella, you can get burned to a crisp and so remember to get along plenty of sunscreen. While sun blocks are available on the island, they are very expensive. Remember, even on a cloudy day, the sun can be pretty strong.

Try out the seafood

Great food is easily available in Phuket and you can eat just about everywhere from road side eateries to fine restaurants. Thai cuisine needs no introduction but while in Phuket, do try out the seafood-based dishes as the seafood is here is ridiculously fresh.

Stay safe

Phuket experiences strong currents on the beaches especially in the summer monsoon season. Heed warning flags on beaches and play it safe when you go to explore off-the-beaten tracks.

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