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Affordable to the Individual Space Flight
One vision of how affordable-to-the-private-individual space flight can be made a reality.
Bigelow Aerospace
Bigelow Aerospace's goal is to bring human space flight into the arena of commercial business. Follow the progress of their Genesis I spacecraft, designed to be an inflatable habitat, which was launched into space on July 12, 2006.
Canadian Arrow
Reusable sub-orbital spacecraft being designed and built in an attempt to capture the X PRIZE.
Canyon Space Team
Dedicated nonprofit group in Washington state that aims to research civilian space flight.
da Vinci Project
Developing a reusable three-man spacecraft to be launched from a hot air balloon as a registered entry for the X PRIZE.
How Space Tourism Will Work
Looks at who is involved, what space accommodations will be like, and who will get to go.
Space Future
Outline why the goal of affordable travel to space for the general public is not only practical, but highly desirable.
Space Tour
Promoting businesses around the world with its space tourism sweepstakes. Competing for the X PRIZE.
Virgin Galactic
Commercial space craft developed by Richard Branson's Virgin Group.
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